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Our story since 2015

We are an enthusiastic team of three, creating bags that will travel with you for many years, silently witnessing your journeys. We are all fascinated by objects that travel through time, things that somebody will find after many years at the back of a closet and wonder: how old is this bag? how many travels did it go on? how many more can it take with me?

It is very important for us to control every stage of the production of our bags. And it must start with how the materials are sourced. We want to make sure that they are fairly made and of the highest quality. This is why we visited all of our suppliers personally.

We started with a visit to Alcanena, Portugal, which we had heard was an area with a rich tannery tradition. We met there a family that had been perfecting the art of tanning for five generations. We were delighted that they agreed to work with us, being a start-up with just hopes and dreams. It is amazing to watch how they work, how they analyse each piece of leather and how they strive to achieve the highest quality. And, indeed, the quality of the leather they produce for our bags is outstanding. We are proud to be partners with the best Alcanenian tannery.

The waxed cotton we use comes from the UK and it has a long history, starting from the mid 19th century, when it was first introduced in the sailing industry, due to its waterproofing quality. Even if it was eventually replaced by synthetic materials, waxed canvas is still used not least due to its characteristic appearance. We love the scratches and shades it gains over time. The UK factory we work with is more than 100 years old and their history overlaps with the waxed canvas history itself. We are happy we can help take it further.

You can see here the outcomes of the dreams and hard work of a beautiful team, who believes that anything can be mastered with grit and passion.

Let's see how far we can go!

Team Tram 21